Dr. Richard Styler

Dr. Styler is a firm believer in the principle of the mind-body connection. He’s dedicated his life to his belief in the healing power of chiropractic and its ability to help everyone. Dr. Styler is a proud Veteran of the United States Air Force and believes that all Veterans should have access to Chiropractic Care. He graduated from Palmer West in 1989 and first practiced in the Sacramento area. His family made the transition to the Coachella Valley in 2000. He’s been married for over 30 wonderful years, and has two adult children who grew up getting adjustments, their first one an hour after birth! Dr. Styler believes that starting children early on Chiropractic can help them build a strong foundation for life and working with children can help to prevent childhood diseases.

Having spent most of his life being athletic, Dr. Styler has great suggestions and solutions to help for sports injuries due to Golf, Tennis, Basketball, and other sports injuries. He also has great ideas for diet and exercise for people who want to lose weight, get fit, or hate to exercise.

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